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It is time to walk away ..

August 20, 2019

Hello all, 



Its been a while right? .... So after some what a long ish thought process I think maybe for ever or just for now it is time to say goodbye to Expression.(for now?) At the moment my heart just really isn't in it. Maybe thats normal because I just had a baby or maybe it isn't but right now I think its important to cut your loses instead of investing much more money, energy and time in to something that your heart is not in. A great business mind set I personally think. No when to wave the white flag guys, I am in no mean telling people to give up mind haha just saying make sure you don't stress out and lose too much of the important things in life. 

I do want to say a huge thank you to everyone for your support it for sure means a lot and I do hope in a few months time I will be thinking slightly differently, maybe I just need a fresh set of eyes, re brand, take a new style to the brand or something.. who knows guys. 



I don't regret Expression it has taught me a lot and it has helped me grow as an individual for sure! I have my importances in life and just because this door is 99.9% closed it doesn't mean I don't have new and exciting things coming my way. 


Cheers to new beginnings bitches... till next time! 

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