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I always thought being pregnant would make me body conscious ...

March 7, 2019


It's quite weird actually, I automatically assumed I would hate my body when being pregnant.



I thought getting used to all the new changes would be quite difficult. Of course it's the first time I have been pregnant and its the first time I have seen my body take such a different and if any type of different shape at all. 


When my bump started to grow I noticed I would walk around my house with my top rolled up, I wanted to show it off. I was never the type to walk around my house so comfortable that I would only have a sport bra on ... I think we can never see what our true beauty looks like. 


Looking back on my photos from summer I should have had more self confidence in my body and if anything my pregnancy has taught me that. I LOVE my bump and I love showing my belly off, My little boy is in there.


Pregnancy has made me much more confident with my body but thats insane because I thought it would be the complete opposite. Our bodies are amazing and I have loved following week by week updates on how and what was changing with in my body. 


I know after pregnancy people can find it hard to love there bodies again but like anything it's going to take time, My mindset is very positive. I have a wedding in May and I have bought a "goal" dress and I have another wedding in October in Cryprus. I have vision and target on how I would like to look but i'm not going to add pressure to myself, not at all ... TBH i'm going to eat so much apple crumble and custard, birthday cake cheesecake and Millies cookies first to catch up on my lack of sugar it might not even happen. 


I am however more motivated than ever to work out and maintain a positive mind set! 


I understand not everyone feels like this but just try to remember that being pregnant is such a miracle and such an amazing experience that not everyone gets to have. Everyone looks different in there pregnancies. In all honesty as well, just remember the images people post to social media including myself are not everyday looks! The majority of my time throughout pregnancy hasn't been very glam vommiting in to the toilet bowl. 


Through out my pregnancy I have gained 1stone 4 to date taking me to 11st 4, I am currently 35.3days and my boy is weighing 5.4. I have never weighed this amount and tbh I don't feel like I have, if I wasn't pregnant I would be destroying myself at a gym beating myself up, its weird. Weight gain doesn't matter, I was more anxious that I wasn't putting weight on thinking my boy wasn't growing. It's a crazy thing pregnancy. Imagine checking the scales to make sure your putting weight on. 




I just wanted to share how in love I am with my new figure, shape, size, bump & pregnancy. 








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