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We are pregnant, it is true and what an emotional rollercoaster already!!

September 25, 2018



Hello upside down baby 😂



Ok, The months of May and June I missed periods due to stress, It was literally a rolling ball of stress to be honest with a mix of personal and business. When things are terrible in all areas then there is no escape. My periods have always been regular so I took a couple of tests and then went to the doctors for a blood test just to make sure I wasn't.

(If you didn't know, not all pee tests can pick up a pregnancy.) 


Anyway June 2nd my period came and as i've  spoken about before I bloat like fuck, 8-10lbs added in bloating its literally a nightmare. I weighed myself because I had all the usual symptoms a week prior, tender boobs, mild cramps however no bloating. I jumped on the scales and if actual fact I lost weight a little weight. 


Small things was happening that I noticed and brushed off as just being a weird change, My morning routine is waking up, go down and let my frank out and whilst he's out make a coffee... Well I no longer wanted to drink coffee in the morning, in fact I no longer wanted to drink coffee at all but you don't link such small things at all. I used to hate coffee anyway.


My boobs seem swollen, the norm for the tim of the month, Why do i have spots on my face?, Nope I don't want dinner, I don't fancy anything tbh.


When I visited and called the doctors they told me stress can play hawack with your hormones so things can often change, literally why I didn't question anything at first. 




* Doctors

I called the doctors some weeks later and explained the cramps I was still having so they booked me in for a smear test, off to the doctors and she asked me

"Now is there any chance you could be pregnant?" 


"WELL I don't use contreception tbh but my periods are a little messed up right now?,

So potentially as I should have just started my period". 


She wouldn't do the test with a small percentage of a potential pregnancy. 



* When did I find out ?    7 weeks*
On Tuesday 22nd August I took a Tesco test and it came back with two lines, Now we all know I can be a little bit daft and I was so used to taking a clear blue (two line is a negative) that i just put the stick down and walked off. Half way down the stairs I thought, You kinda might want to check that test?, I literally knew at that moment what the box would read. PREGNANT. 


I literally sat down on my bedroom floor like wooow, Such a rush of emotions, excitement, nervous, disbelief, wild thoughts, how will I tell rob and back to a little excitement. 



* How did I tell Rob ? 

Funny story, When I met Rob I was 20 and he wanted babies straight away so I thought his reaction would be slightly different if i'm honest however he said he didn't believe me, Im a liar whilst laughing, then he was adamant to see the box and wanted me to take the second test. So I said in the morning I will take it to see. 5am his alarm goes off and he's wide awake "Take it then". 



* Any symptoms ? 

I have been so poorly, I am actually thankful I had already pre booked holidays from work because that would have been a nightmare. The week I noticed nausea was the of mine and robs anniversary. 


Me and Rob had our 7 year anniversary that week and we was going to Wales on holiday the Thursday, That morning I had a small seizure. I hadn't had one for a few months so It was a worry. We decided to still go away as I was alright tbh and I thought it would be too early to have any type of scan. We came home a day early as I decided to get a little worse. 


Then came the sickness, Sometimes I couldn't even keep water down, So taking my pregnancy pills was a constant battle. I would fancy food and then when it was in front of me I couldn't eat it, or if I was lucky I could eat it but I would chuck it back up. A couple of days in and I was being sick around 4-5 times a day.


Then came the lack of energy, My boobs are like heavy weights and sleeping is a nightmare, Im not wearing a normal bra at the moment its literally a sports bra for pure comfort, My little flat belly has already vanished lmao and is now filled with daily mild period cramps, which are cramps because of my womb growing, I literally thought twins was on the way.


Its a cycle, you have no energy because you haven't eaten but when you go to take a mouth full you feel nauseous and if you manage to eat, well then your sick later on, I am sick around 4-5 times a day. Its just the start, I cant complain to much? I have been told the first 12 weeks is literally the hardest because of the body changing so much. 


I called the doctors around 2 and a half weeks in but the thing is you don't want to come across of a new mum thats panicking or being dramatic hahaha ... but it was at the stage were Rob wasn't working, he was home looking after me. I lost 9 lbs in weight and my wee was rather dark. I would spend most hours on the sofa just sleeping, getting off the sofa was difficult! The doctors got me in the same day and gave me some medication to settle the sickness, a few days later I would have been on a drip in the hospital. 



* Private reassurance scan 

It was week 9 and I find myself flicking through emotions, Yes morning sickness and other symptoms have happened but you kind of question yourself, here comes excitement but all we have is pee sticks to go by, I needed to see more than that and I couldn't wait another 3 weeks, seizures have returned and I feel so unhealthy.. What if it isnt there anymore?? 

I needed something more and our good friends Nic & Calv told us about a reassurance scan you could book privelty. So we booked one and it was fantastic. It was based inside mother care at the Castle marina retail park it was £89.00 and it was worth every penny.


We could see the tiny heart beat beating away, The heart beat is super healthy at 145.

110 being the lowest and 175 being the highest. A perfect size of 2cm long, around the same size of an olive with little limbs starting to move around.



* Midwifes (1st appointment)

I have been titled as a high risk pregnancy this is due to my health which is understandable. The midwifes explained it would change a couple of things so I am under a consultant which means a few more appointments through out the pregnancy, We dont' have the option for a home birth or sanctuary birth we would need a suite birth that would be monitored 24hrs by a doctor.



*12 weeks scan NHS 

I have a naughty baby that thinks its acceptable to do headstands! It was rather funny! 


* How far am I ? 

I am currently 12 weeks today!



* What now / The future?  

Well it is so important for me to chill out and relax, LIMITING STRESS like any normal start to a pregnancy but I am for sure not going to put any pressure on myself from no one. I am going to enjoy this pregnancy as much as I can because it's such a beautiful thing.


We have been trying since October, however due to the strain this year it is no surprise nothing happened.


There is so much to organise and figure out now, I am well out of my depth but I am no different to any other new mum. It's about learning now and doing what I can to make sure this is the best experience ever. I am so excited to be able to give Rob what he has always wanted, he is going to be such a brilliant dad. 


The baby will be a part of our lifes this doesn't mean no holidays or we cant do that sorry we have a little babe.. I will continue to do the things I am passionate about in life. In face it turns out our babies first holiday will be Cyprus ... Hello Ayia napa. 




Also huge thank you to Rob for literally taking care of me these last weeks!!  
















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