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My brand, the pop up & my first £100!

August 7, 2018

Hello lovely people,



I know most of you are aware of my new brand however for those of you that do not follow my social media I wanted to explain the brand, the concept, any goals and my very first pop up shop experience. 


Expression was born in May when Wild Heart died which I have mentioned in another blog post. 


I was asked to be interviewed on 17th July and attended the interview on Monday 23rd July, The blog post was later that week and the link is below.



My pop up date was agreed on 9th July with approx 4 weeks to turn it around, exciting and nervous because it is such a huge step. Planning is key but time is much more important. It isn't a case of rushing the brand but when opportunities come your way you have to accept them and make these your targets to work towards and that is exactly what I did. 


The pop up shop was on the 4th August at 200 degrees coffee on Carrington street, here is a few snaps of my set up & display area. I was so proud and happy with the finer detailing. I mean i never thought I would find a branded bag a proud moment haha but i definitely did! 

Later this day I also made my website live and with sales from my pop up along with online sales I made over my first £100!! AMAZING RIGHT ?!!


"Expression through clothing for the rebellion of modern society"


The brand aims to express the customers feelings, emotions or personal thoughts. Some people are stuck in a mind set that certain people should only do certain things, be a type of person, should be closed minded and follow some shit rules. In society we are often faced with who we should be, what she should, what we should look like ect ect blah blah.


Then you have the rebellions ... US! Who scream fuck you. We will love ourselves, we will love each other, we will be who we want to be and we will stand up to those who think any different. Truth is there is no wrong or right to your life and your choices, although it is easier said than done, We must practice to not give a fuck about what people think of us. 


“In a society that profits from your self-doubt, loving yourself is a rebellious act.”

I came across this quote several months ago and I remember sharing it but now it means a lot more! 



So what is next? 
It's a little bit of a secret actually but very exciting... What I can say is I have 4 photoshoots in mind, Plans with 200 degrees, A beautiful influencer ready to help push my brand and a brand new 'movement'. The brand is more than just a brand. I have over 5 more designs ready to drop along with a NEW line.  



SO give your gal a follow, share the blog and tell the world!!

DROP me a dm to say Hi! 














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