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Why did WILD HEART die?

July 3, 2018

Hey everyone,   



So previously you would have came across the WILD HEART post about my business. 


Why has it died?

Over the last few months I have been dealt such a shit hand in. From numerous doctors appointments, hospital appointments, family operations. Not going to lie since May it’s been fairly shit and very hard. 


I can now honestly hold my hands up and say I am going through a lot,  stress has stollen my periods (basically they have stopped) which is very very shit.. But I forever try to remain positive. 


When I was sourcing designs from illistrators I would generally find myself searching for designs based on my mood at the time. I purchased the name, domain and other things such as paying for the logo design ect for wildheart.  


I was sat at home and I realised what I was looking for was a number of expressions, emotions and feelings. 


At that moment EXPRESSION was born & WILDHEART died! 


It is fair to say that my brand Expression project is my way of coping with the stress I currently have at the moment. We all have our own ways of dealings with stress & it seems this is mine.  


I jumped on to the logo designer and had them turn around expression with in a few hours, I checked to see if I could grab the domain for the website, the name for Instagram and went from there. 



Expression is based on 3 projects!

Project basic - basic left branded T


Project basic VOL2 - logo based various locations 


Project rebellion - Design concepts, expressions, feelings, rebelling society. Finding yourself and loving yourself! 


I generally don’t talk to people which I opened up about a few posts ago! So it is hard for me to express how I feel. If you see me wearing a T saying “fuck off” .. get the message? Haha no honestly it wouldn’t literally say that! 


One design is named “ My body, my choice” ... it’s worth taking a look on the insta account @expressionproject_ to understand the concept. 



Thank you! 🖤

I have some pretty cool people around me that have helped push and promote the brand and I can’t thank them enough! 


It is still such early days and I have pre orders, photos shoot, website, samples, and brand influencers ready. 




I have currently booked my first pop up collab with 200degrees coffee shop

Date however is tbc! 🙌🏽 (thanks Emma) EXCITED! 


(Btw if you havnt been you seriously need to! From Nottingham legit the best coffee and located in ALOT of other cities. GOOGLE it to see if your lucky enough to have one close by!) ☕️👌🏽 



We’re can I see the business going?

I have no idea, it can only go one way tbh and that’s up, I am determined.  I’m not a self doubter but if it failed then at least I have tried. (Not an option)  I believe my concept is so raw, it’s personal to me and will be relateable to so many people. I am very excited about it and my aim for now is to locate a permanent rail with in a store in Nottingham. 


I will write a full post soon on Expression Project. 



Hook a gal up 🙌🏽  

I am always on the look out for illustrators with cool designs, So reach out! 

Also if anyone knows of any cool places that allow pop up stores then reach out.  







Website sample is up, Not live for orders 



(Website is still under construction, 

If you notice an error drop me a message & 

help a gal out) 🖤



& that is why WILD HEART died. 








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