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May 29, 2018



Evening all.. So before we even go there, there might be a shit load of spelling mistakes through this and tbh I cba to cross check it. I’m fucking tired... 😂  


So (yesterday) Monday 29th May I basically had to pull an all nighter because today I had an appointment at the hospital at 8:45am. It is literally titled “Sleep deprived test”. 


The test is to monitor the brain waves (electronical signals) .. sounds perfectly harmless doesn’t it.... 



So I stayed awake until 4am which was amazing, literally watched the whole of season one of a show called “The handmaids tale” proppa deep it is, worth a watch .. ANYWAY I headed up to bed because I honestly thought fuck it what’s 2 hours kip.. I am literally a granny, I am usually in bed by 10pm 😂😂


Rob was taking me to the hospital ... can’t rely on him when it comes to waking up, I literally kept telling myself. I should have been up for 6 but I woke up at 8:30 ...

MY APPOINTMENT was for 8:45 FFS!!!  



Anyway so the test it’s self ... first of all he takes a tape measure and uses a red crayon to measure my whole head and then  decided with the crayon what locations the little sticky wires will be placed. 


23 across the head and 2 on the collar bones to measure the heart rate. 


He used some blue solution that was textured a little like a exfoliating solution? Then used a pea amount of weird paste on the head, then pushed the wires in to the actual pastes ..... definetly fealt like I was a machine in West world 😂😂👀


So all wired up, he gave me two raspberry flavoured glucose tablets (because I didnt grab breakfast) then I layed on the bed.


The process ... dark room, camera over be face, pure silence and a bright white lamp above my face... this lamp is to continuously flash at such a fast rate in the eyes, keeping your eyes open until he says close and then re opening the eyes when he says open. The lamp has two settings one at lightning speed and the other at the speed of a horse ... this method of test went on for around 5 minutes or so, switched from big speeds and opening and closing the eyes. 


HORRIBLE.. you lay there feeling so uncomfortable and angry .. So frustrated at the fact I can’t wack the lamp out of my face (bere in mind I’ve practically had no sleep). 


The second test is a self hyperventilating test. WEIRD... You take a deep breath in through the mouth and push it out as fast as possible. You do this continuously ... for 3 minutes as fast as you can.  


Common side effects, passing out, shaking, limbs, pins & needles in the limbs. WOW it was hard, with a dry mouth I was literally trying to continue with the doctor doing a count down. After completing he told me to close my eyes immediately and I could feel the tingling in the legs and hands, my head was airy light headed and my mouth was chattering from becoming instantly cold!! 


He told me to keep my eyes closed and placed a blanket over me. 


He hoped I would fall to sleep... which was never going to happen!!!! It takes me a good hour and half to shut down to go to sleep!! There was no way I would nod off in the hospital, in a dark room with a random person! (Doctor or not, I don’t think anyone could be that comfortable to fall to sleep right?).


Overall I was at the hospital for two hours. 


Apparently I’ll have my results back in 3 weeks or so!!! Keeping it all very quick and brief, wouldn’t want to bore you all! 




First test down and two more to go. ✌🏽














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