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LIP FILLER .. yes I did.

March 4, 2018




On Monday 19th Feb I went to a lovely clinic for a little zap to my lips, Yesss I DID! 


Now you can either read the rest of this post or simply click the X at the top of your screens if your going to be a nightmare spamming me with negative comments, I understand concerns but following with a negative comment urgh ... Take a little time to understand a situation.





The most common but appreciated question  

My lips are not thin, they are full however I have an uneven lip line that I would probably only notice if I am honest but it is still something that I am un happy with.


I purchase a lip plumper and it usually lasts me around a month and half or so depending on when I use it. Although there are settings from 1-10 I always use setting 10 which is just the plumping serum and not any of the actual balm that it can mix with. This is fairly cheap but sets me back around £22.00. Over all I have purchased 4. Sooo £80.00 give or take .... 


The plumper works great but over time the lips don't plump as good as the first time. More than likely because i'm kinda getting used to it (Said the company).


When you have an imperfection and it is easy to fix you gain a huge confidence boost, although we should all love ourselves for who we are whats' a little help? It isn't a bad thing thats for sure!




How much filler did you have ?

Honesty people every clinic I came across told me the usual amount of filler to go for is 1mil. Thats great but I no I have good lips and I simply want a little correction if i'm honest...


Having said that I asked for 0.5. Remember the saying "You can always add more but can not take away". (It goes something like that) Well thats what I had in mind, If 0.5mil is not enough then I would go back but I am sure i'm going to be happy with 0.5. 




YES. So it's hard to explain but the numbing cream was more uncomfortable than anything.. It felt like my lips had tripped in size tbh, they was warm and it felt like they was very heavy with almost a pealing sensation LOL.


So my lips was cleansed / sterilised and I was ready, She told me to take a breath in and asked if I was ready, It was a sharp scratch to the skin and then a burst of a sting. The sting was more painful than the needle entering my skin. I was told it is actually the anistetic that makes the sting. 




After they was done I took a look in the mirror and LOVED them! A few hours later and they was swelling a little, that night it was laughable I looked like a right plonka, the following day I could see the worse part of the swelling had come down ... Ice on my lips every 3 hours or so! I wanted to help the swelling go down. I also messaged the company with an imagine to make sure my swelling was normal and they was so reassuring! They messaged me back with in 20 minutes or so! 



Over all the swelling was around 3 days 

Here it is in the stages!



Ok stage one - Having it done and the 3rd image was straight after 

 Stage two - Later that evening came the major swelling!! 

Stage three - 24 hours after and the 3rd image Day 5




Yes! I wanted to make sure all the research I had done was going to pay off. I also knew what I didn't want my lips to look like as there are a lot of different looks, styles and techniques!

I was keen to express what I did not want but she asked me if I had been looking at lips and had an idea of what I wanted anyway! 




So I went to a clinic called Serious Skin based in Nottingham. They work at 3 sites that I know of and offer a huge range of treatments. As soon as I arrived I was welcomes and I felt nervous but comfortable. The receptionist asked me questions such as "Have I had the treatment before"? She explained the care package that I will be given after my treatment, She also handed over some paper work for me to complete for my health records.  


The receptionist explained about the technician, Who she is and her experience, she worked with in the fashion industry for many years and was a photographer, She has worked a lot with faces in the past so has a great eye for how to modify someones natural beauty to there own face shape. 



So because I had 0.5 my total cost was £100. With a £20.00 deposit upon booking. 






Some may think i'm setting myself up for a load of verbal abuse from people but i'm not and it is the last thing I would want from anyone. I want people to understand that although you may have concerns for who ever wants something doing, adding an additional negative spin on something can effect someone. Having this tiny correction done is something I have been thinking about for a long time, but sometimes when you tell people the reactions are so negative you think to your self "Ohh shit maybe not".


A lot of the time people do compliment when I mention the thought of filler and of course I do appreciate it, but when there is that one thing I can see myself and I have noticed myself then why should I continue to feel like I am going to be judged for something that is going to make me personally happy? 



Imagine having something bothering you everyday and then telling people you want to correct it and then being faced with more negative comments, then having it done and then to be criticised for actually trying to make your self happy?



Think about your comments people, ask the WHY question if you must but just show love and support! 




I don't want to be a Kardashian 

A correction = Confidence 





Maybe by some small minded people, but personally NO !! 

BTW my lips look amazing!!  







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