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Are the people denied access to Africa’s beauty?

December 11, 2017




           So let’s get honest now guys... 


As magnificent as my travel and experience was there was something I completely did not agree with!


It made me sad, it made me think about life, it made me realise just how much of the land the people had stolen from them. 


Ok, so I mentioned before how the land was once’s owned by farmers who had the land stolen off them or bought with out the people really understanding the impact it would have in the future.  


The land was then re designed / scaped with different animals and plants imported to the land. The land was then owned by these “New farmers” who turned to land in to private land. 



So what happens next is truly deverstating. 



When I was on Amakhala I could see the power station in the distance in Paterson and only then did I realise how vast Amakhala was. 


Please take in to mind, I was only on one privately owned piece of land and there are thousands. 


On the opposite side of the land was the beach sand dunes and Port Elizabeth. 


To drive from Paterson to Port Elizabeth it takes an hour by public roads, so we’re taking an hour of land let’s say by car radius of driving.




I asked  “Can locals come on site? Or would they have to pay .. How would it work because they have no money?” 


The answer was heartbreaking !!


The answer.

“I only witness what true beauty I lived amougst when I came to work, many people do not no what is here.. Although only a 10 minute drive away they do not no what this is. They do not no Africa and the animals in real life, they only see were they live.. many do not have cars to leave the village just hitch hike.”



Paterson is only ten minutes away from the gate of Amakhala, So how is it possible that the people and children only see the animals in books or by chance at the gate along the road, When I came to volunteer to help and to witness these animals in real life. 


          There is no logic to this at all. 


I stood and just looked out at the land and thought to myself how is this possible? How can this be happening? I am in Africa to look at Africa but the people live in Africa and only look to books to see Africa?



How is it fair they can not see the beauty they live with in?



(Amakhala do give back to the community but I’m not speaking of Amakhala. Amakhala focus on a sustainable eco friendly tourism which keeps it to a minimum to allow low impact on the environment and culture. It does give a more positive outcome for the tourists and animals so they don’t become stressed, they are however other reserves that do not put this focus in to place, there for surly they can focus a time, season or day to allow local to visit at no cost of low cost?) 









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