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5 Day's to go ...

October 23, 2017



Well bloody hell, I literally head off on my little adventure in less than a week and I do not feel ready. Life takes over so you constantly have a problem that needs resolving wether this is in my person life or with in my working life. Needless to say I actually don't think nerves or excitement will hit me until Friday when I am next off work. 


So STA changed my flight times which has really pissed me off, It means I am losing my last day in Port Elizabeth. My overall experience is only for 9 days so to cut one short is a bit of a bitch tbh... Might I add it is also my "Free day" to myself. 


I was so adamant I would only take with me a small back pack BUT I want to take clothes with me for the children!! My 50L backpack has now changed to my overly large family suitcase that I purchased in America!! I mean when I land my first words are literally going to be




Imagine them picking me up and thinking ffs what we got here!! 



You kind of think to your self, Your going to the unknown which is exciting to me, Meeting new people but you also no matter what become clouded with modern day life.


I am finding myself trying to convince myself

"Surly the kids will like these clothes right?"  But as a question. 


Deep down of course they will, of course they will appreciate anything and everything but it is simply a cloud of judgement from the modern day.


I don't know what to expect and I don't know what I am walking in to ..... The strangest thing is though, I know, no matter what happens and no matter what I see, I will not want to come back. I never want to come back, I always feel like times gone way to fast and has almost stolen from me. 



Am I ready? Not yet but ...


I have my passport, My insurance, Coach ticket, Programme information, Yellow fever certificate, x2 portable phone charges, Camera, Spare memory card, Sleeping pillow, Ear plus, Country plus adapter, Working gloves, Clothing for the children, gifts and B12 vitamins!! For sure set and ready! NOW ITS' GETTING THERE - Connecting flights is now for me! Yikes.






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