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6&half years clear & healthy but it's back?

September 15, 2017

An honest post about my personal struggle that is continuing today. 



To date it my last appointment with my doctor was in 2010. That was my last known time speaking with the local GP, with numerous amounts of visits to the local hospital.


On the evening of Monday 4th September my head felt heavy, a horrible pressure on the top of my head slowly appeared, My eyes wasn't focussing properly, The tv was too loud, I stood up to walk up stairs to the toilet and was light on my feet, My feet was not stable at all. 


I complained a few times and I knew "that" particular type of pain ... I said to my other half, "Watch me please because my head does not feel good, I mean like properly". Rob knew of my past so he said "OK sure" and asked if I was ok. I had some tablets and tried to fall to sleep on the sofa. 


At around 9:30pm I said I wanted to head up to bed because I needed to be more comfortable to able to head to sleep... As I walked up stairs I went to the toilet and was sick, I headed straight to bed and tried to nod off.



It happened and at the first moment I was back from being slightly lost and out of it ... I knew what had happened. 


With my arms folded in and twisted, My hands and fingers at my chin, A pain throbbing, A twisted back, Muscles continuing to spasm, A wetness around my mouth, Someone else's hand on my back with a force pushing me forward, A confusion, My name being called by a voice that I slowly came around to recognising... it was Rob. He was asking if I was ok but it's difficult to speak, So you use your muscles to try to give a head nod. 



He disappeared and the paramedic entered the bed room for a chat and a few small tests. 



So what happened?

Why now after such a long time did I suffer a Partial seizure? 


I know it was a partial seizure because this time around I did not lose full consciousness to begin with. When my seizure began I was awear Rob had jumped out of bed and was on the phone, I then lost consciousness until I came back around which means my seizure would be titled as "partial". 


My first thought was of disappointment that I had suffered from a seizure, My second thought was poor Rob to witness that, Then came to the emotions to hold tears back from a sadness I felt. 


When I previously suffered I had an appointment to see the neurologist at the Queens medical centre, I had an MRI test, An epilepsy test and an ECG test. From all three tests they could not find the reason as to why I was suffering ... They decided to then say I was Hyperventilating. Yep, you read that right! In the end I gave up and tried to live out a "normal life". After some time the seizure's spread further with in time which could only mean I was improving right?.


I refused to let it change me, stop me and thought to myself if it happens then it happens. This is obviously dangerous so i'm not telling anyone to do that but it was just my own personal choice to make. It was a battle for a number of years.



The Outcome is on going? 

I am waiting for my appointment to from the hospital, I am going to see the Neurologist however I have recently been informed the appointment date is for December!!

I am currently suffering everyday at different times in the day with what I can explain as "The head pain", the internet isn't great for accurate information but if I have done my research correctly its two types of migraines that are affecting my nerve system, the pain, pressure, blur of eyes, light in the right eye, un stable on my feet, sensitive eyes, the weakness in my muscles, feeling like i'm amount to faint... apparently these are warning signs that there is an on coming episode. 


Next month I go away and I am still going away! I am worried they'll come back and tell me I can not fly or something but tbh I just wouldn't bloody listen! 


Everyday life can be a battle, I'll always keep going until I can't. To me I will always push myself! 


I'm hoping these headaches are the after math of the seizure and the seizure was a one off burst of electricity that needed to sort its self out! Positivity! 



As a favour, if you ever see me a little unstable please just sit me down! ❤️ 


So that's the secret story of my life, My battle, Why I'm hybernating, Looking like dog shit and have no time for people's rubbish. 





What is a simple partial seizure?

People who have partial seizures retain consciousness. Simple partial seizures often precede larger seizures, where the abnormal electrical activity spreads to a larger area of (or all of) the brain, usually resulting in a complex partial seizure or a tonic-clonic seizure.











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