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Wild Heart : What is that?

September 4, 2017


Last week I had a new tattoo, Well two actually but I'm speaking about 'Wild Heart'. 


There are many definitions of a wild heart and what a wild heart is... including the picking up of dog poo 🙄🤦🏽‍♀️ but when I found myself, I found myself on a level I've never known before! 



I believe I fount my true heart and I described it to myself as a wild heart. 


I have no idea we're the term came from or why it came to me but it did... it made me think, I sat on the end of my bed.. looked in to my mirror and went through so many meanings of my self in my head and then said "wild heart" out loud & It made me smile! 



So what is my definition of a wild heart? ... It's that feeling you get when your realise who you are, it's the feeling you get when you accept your self, it's the smile in your mind, it's the happiness of knowing your true self and what you represent. 



I am my own wild heart, I love hard, I care a lot, I am out spoken and I have a strong back bone, I speak my mind about things I am passionate about, I have an open heart, my heart can sometimes be my downfall, I care for many, I have a spiritual level, I have a worldly understanding, I am always wanting to learn, I am a child of the earth, I am wild and free, I am lucky, I dance, I sing, I fall and get back up, I am awake ... I am my own found wild heart. 🖤



I can not describe to people my definition of my tattoo to were they can understand. I feel that anyone who truly knows there self will understand my definition and feeling. 



People say "You never truly know yourself" but I don't believe that, but should I ever cross a path and question myself I know the word "Wild Heart" will bring me back. 





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