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I can say "next month" & that's scary.

September 1, 2017


Well... it's September 1st, which means only one thing! 😳😬


NEXT MONTH I go to South Africa, a lot has changed since the end of last year when I booked on to this amazing conservation programme, however personally challenging this experience is going to be unbelievably  worth it. 


This programme has aloud me already to believe myself, encourage myself and show myself how determined I am to achieve what I want in life. 


It's only next month and I can not wait to help, learn the curlture and experience a different life style! 


I am so excited and yet super nervous. South Africa will be the furthest I have flown alone, it's the whole flight transfer shit that gets me... if I was on a direct flight that would be ideal but I'm not... so it makes this experience a little more challenging for me.


So my flight plan works out as 

London - Amsterdam 

Amsterdam - Cape Town 

Cape Town - Port Elizabeth 


And coming home ✈️


Port Elizabeth - Johannesburg 

Johannesburg - Amsterdam 

Amsterdam - London 


For me the transfers are worth the price to pay, I don't believe in paying thousands for flights at all... there is somethings you just have to comprmise on and for me flights are one. 


Giving it's my main worry at the moment, once ive got on that plane I will already feel like I've achieved another thing prior to even landing in South Africa. 


Life's all about finding and pushing your personal limits and that's what I'm doing. I want to see what I can't do... I want to see what I will actually say "No" or "I can't" to. 


Personally I don't think there will be anything but who knows!! 😬💪🏽





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