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For 2 weeks my body is not mine ..

August 9, 2017


A two week "pre" period, with shit skin and an additional 10 lbs of bloating waters.


A constant battle of weight because of the constant battle with a body system that doesn't work it's correct functions!


A body masked with beauty products and fake smiles in the hope that it will all be masked over.


The puffy cheeks & dark eyes 


Sessions at the gym which make you feel more un fit when leaving,

So many great bodies to compare to.


Yet a constant battle.


The constant side glare in the mirrors


Why am I looking so big?




This is life and this is now.. are people ever truly happy with how they look? 


The sad truth is more than likely no, So many people not seeing what you see, Complimenting you on how well you look, how stunning you are.... but in actual fact you just want to argue with them and say "Don't be stupid". 


I am an over thinker in every form possible. I hate my body, I could be better 



This is the truth to a period.






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