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Today I fell back in love..

August 15, 2017

Over the last few weeks, joining the gym and only could it happen to me that it's actually made me insecure! Yes I know.. it's kinda supposed to do the opposite! 


I get that people go work out a hell of a lot to look unreal but for me it went from.. wow everyone's looks incredible, apart from me.


I don't want to get that deep.. this is not a shitty moaning blog...refuse it to be, however today I fell back in love with myself. 


Yes the scales say 10stone 5 at the moment... it's actually the most I have ever weighed tbh! 


So feeling frumpy, suffering with a crap bowl ect ect today I took a long hard look in the mirror and thought to myself 


"Yep the scales say what they say, yep I would like a tighter stomach, a toned ass, but I do have big legs... ok I get it, it's my legs! These big beauty's must weigh at least 3 stone each, Boobs a stone each easy😂" 


(I honestly can not spend too much time alone 😂😂😭😭) 



Anyway here goes! I want to share with you what a 5ft 2 / 10stone 5lbs gal looks like!!! 




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