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Stranded in NYC, Blowjobs, Blisters & Jagerbomb's!

July 9, 2017

May 19th 2014!

My first visit to New York City 


Ever watch a movie we're a group of friends get standard in a destination and just sit there in disbelief... Well that was me and 3 other girls! 



So, We assumed the bus/coach drop off was going to be the same as the pick up location... or a similar area like any old bus station! Turns out we couldn't have been any more wrong!! 




Enjoying our first visit in the big apple.. shopping, visiting time square, grabbing the whole yellow cab to the ground zero, heading to the top of the Empire state building to look over the whole of New York, Grabbing lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe, taking photos with the weed sign lady ect ... You get the point we did all the tourist shit!!




Great day out.... (but I realised NYC isn't for me)


As we're walking back to 5th we realise that the coach doesn't actually collect you from the same stop and if you have ever been New York ... Imagine running down rows of streets counting to the correct number to the run along that particular street to find the bloody correct rd ...... WOW we all definitely made school girl errors! 


The blisters on the back of my feet was unbearable.. I was like a hobbling drunk, but worst... The girls had H&M, Disney and many other shopping bags flying everywhere whilst running (Actually felt like a P.A in NYC, only instead of coffee with was bags) 

We was all literally like scene from a movie based on English girls, shopping and stupidity!! 



I swear, I am not over exaggerating when I say "The fucking coach drove pasted us!!!"


Imagine the look on our faces, absolutely fuming! I mean we was only 5 minutes late maybe not even that! Waving our bloody hands... (blood cut fingers from the plastic bags)

'Nope did he fuck stop' 😂


We continued to walk down the end of the road absolute pissed off, angry at our selfs, angry at each other, angry we didn't know how we was going to get back to Boston, angry at the coach driver .... basically just livid! (Maybe this is why NYC isn't for me) 


Sitting on a bench that was over looking the water... in front of a helicopter landing zone, watching bloody joyful faces ... We literally just sat there! 


Then she says "I mean we will all laugh at this one day looking back", nope not me, but one of the girls ... It clearly wasn't the time for that comment! It wasn't even an awkward silence it was a 'Don't even say anything else kind of silence'. She wasn't wrong though!! 😂


Anyway we thought balls ... let's find a bar, sort the next coach out and just live the NYC night life! 


On the up the coach back sorted, At least we didn't need to book a hotel ... I mean the am kind of times the coach was but hey ho! 




Walking back in to the city ...  


"Whats that, oh it's someone sleeping on a shop door step, no wait .. OMG BLOWJOB on the doorstep"


Yep, it had to be me didn't it! Walking down the street I see someone giving a blowjob.

Ok I mean I know it's normal type of shit but I thought "Casual for NYC?" I mean anything goes then? 😂


We found a great rooftop bar sat next to the stadium.


JAGER BOMBS make life OK ... A few rounds of "I have never" .. and who cares about those blistered feet, that missed coach and working 12 hours the next day! 




We all know "Everything happens for a reason!"
























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