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HIT by the wall of hurricane Arthur... The 4th July turned nightmare!

July 10, 2017


Again stranded moments, the wall of Arthur and heart shaped fireworks!! 


The 4th July celebrations turned nightmare,

Thunder, lightning strikes, screaming people, logged underground 

& people running wild for safety! 




I mean can I just not visit somewhere with out being put in danger or with out finding myself slightly stranded? At least this time around I was in Boston and not 3 hours away in New York City! 


The 4th July fireworks and celebrations was cancelled due to hurricane Arthur making his way up the east coast of the USA. We was a little gutted considering most of us has such an easy and short shift! Thats because most of the club members (were I was working) travel to one of there many houses! 




They delayed the fireworks in the centre of Boston for the following evening, with the reports saying that Arthur wouldn't hit us, he wouldn't make the distance.



Off we go after a days work, ALL EXCITED !! 



Pushing through the crowds, Climbing on top of the lake wall,

Waiting for the show to start !!! 



FIRST of all can I say how beautiful the lake looked, everyone was excited, everyone was waiting, in the distance there was a stage set up, on the bank,People signing live music... I was loving it! Boat owners and boat hire companies was on the lake.. People with the best views right there I would say! 


Still waiting on the fireworks to starts and as they do EVERYONE in the crowds realised they was ALL facing the wrong way! haha I mean again we only assumed that it would be by the stage? No it was completely the opposite direction in the middle of the lake!  


Here we go ..... The sky lit up with amazing red white and blue fireworks!


I personally love fireworks anyway, the pretty's in the sky BUT they went the extra mile (It is america) STARS, HEARTS SHAPES ECT! Gasp ... Loving it! I have never seen fireworks so big... I mean just look how small the boats look compared to these huge sparks!


Shows over and we was all buzzing with it .... As we are walking back you can only imagine the crowds of people, The wide set streets in Boston was literally filled with people descending home or maybe to a club! 






All we could hear was screams and as I turned around I could see people running towards me... I looked at the girls and we was confused, the screams got closer as did the people running .... 

It was like a domino effect of people screaming and choosing to run! 


A different type of light had hit the sky's of Boston !! 



WOW was the only word that come to my mind... followed by SHIT !!

I could see it, I could see it coming over, I could see this bloody blur of a wall! 


This wall of rain literally showed up in the distance with in a few seconds, as you can imaging we joined the domino effect of people screaming and running...

I realised that it was definitely hurricane Arthur! 


The wall of rain was literally like a chase that lasted 0.4 seconds.. it seemed much longer in my mind though! Me and the girls was screaming to each other stay together, stay together, We couldn't lose each other in this and with in thousands of people, the lightning above us and thunder!

(I love thunder but I was clearly shitting my pants in this moment!)


Boston has a few trees in the centre as it has a park and small lake, it has tall buildings, people was crowd pushing to get down the steps to the underground, Shops was closed because this was the evening/night, Food stores was open but so jam packed full of people! People was hiding and cowering in shop doorways! Honestly it was bad!


(I never thought I would die, but I did think to myself, people are going to get hit by falling trees or wild cars in the roads swerving)


Our phones had no service, then some service, our phones was receiving missed phones calls from the people we lived with, from the bosses to find out if were still out in it all or if we was already safe! 


In the end hurricane Arthur passed over us and it all stopped (So silent) ...

You could just see the thunder and lightening clouds making there way away in to the distance! Hitting and disturbing other people! (What a wanker Arthur is) 



   Still smiling! 




LOOK AT THAT RAIN WALL .. 00-20 seconds!

That is what we tried to run from! 







That being said, the impact that hurricane Arthur had was huge. It was said that hurricane Arthur was the earliest known hurricane to make landfall in the U.S. state of North Carolina, and the first hurricane to make landfall in the United States since Hurricane Isaac in 2012


Hurricane Arthur was a category 2 hurricane 

Highest winds: 161 km/h

Damage: At least $22.7 million (2014 USD)

Category: Category 2 Hurricane (SSHS)

Date: 1 July 2014 – 9 July 2014

Total fatalities: 1 direct, 1 indirect

Affected areas: Florida, Bahamas, North Carolina, more










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