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Why don't you just go ?

June 20, 2017

Just to explain this ...

The most common question when people realise I am trying to take it year by year in visiting a new destinations, is "Why don't you just go?" I know its easy to say "Just go" or "Why don't you just give it all up and go travelling" however there are just a couple of reasons as to why. 


I would love to be able to just give it all up and go travelling, visiting all the beautiful and real destinations in the world, but I simply can not! 


If I could plan on travelling I would go straight to Asia, do the whole lot, even those little unknown islands that are not over populated by drunk's, I would love to see the real and raw life to destinations. Learning is everything when trying to see the world, culture and life!! 




The first reason

The thought of coming back home.... I can only imagine coming back "home" or coming back to "reality" would be devastating. Although it would be great to have a catch up with family and friends I can only think that, that would only last a couple of weeks or so. Experiencing the world and coming back to live in a brick house and an everyday job... working on repeat would more than likely drive me absolutely insane! Coming back from Thailand was hard enough to be honest. So going to live the best part of your life to come back to a depressing state of mind is what I would call scary. I know I shouldn't think so far ahead but it can't be helped.


The second reason

I love my Frank... I have an absolutely amazing crazy beautiful poochie called Frank! He is a jack russell and he totally brings me love and joy! I left this little sausage for 4 months before and the thought of travelling the world for X AMOUNT of time would just not happen!! 


My compromisation ? 

If I could go travelling I would definitely take out 3 months! 3 months out visiting those top destinations would be absolutely amazing & I know this would be easy to do, easy to come back home, 3 months with out Frankie would be a little shit but I sure he will still love me when I get home. 3 months breaking it across Asia & Europe! Sri Lanka, India, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Switzerland, Italy, Norway, Croatia ..... GOSH YES!!!! 3 Months clearly wouldn't be enough time for all of those destinations (haha) ... however Europe is close, So I would take some of that out!



There just thoughts & WISHES!!









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