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June 4, 2017


♡ The flights are finally all booked, finalised and paid off in full... its just another step closer to South Africa.. well a huge step to be honest! 

Over the last few months due to "issues" not caused by myself I have been delayed in depositing or booking any flights, however last week I made a phone call to STA travel to do a flight check, price match ect ect blah blah and my flights came back for just over £600!!!! WHICH is amazing ...

THE COMPROMISE... Travelling and wanting to see different places in the world you learn to compromise ... pay over £1000 for a direct flights to Port Elizabeth OR save around £400 for 2 flight changes and only one long stop over (due to it being in the night the stop is 8 hours) .... coming home my longest stop over will be 3 hour....  get the point?? For me there was no thought, it is a no brainer ... I will take the long stay please and save myself £400 which is basically spending money (highly doubt I will even need £200 tbf) 

My programme has all the information it needs and has confirmed they will be ready and waiting for me at the airport!

WOW this is going to be a trip of a lifetime! Something I am working so hard for and something others have sponsored me to do! Working 12 straight shifts, picking up side work on my days off and focussing myself mentally .... BTW I have joined the gym to sort out the physical but I haven't managed to make an appearance yet! LOL 


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