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You travel alone but your in a relationship? ... Fuck off please!

June 5, 2017


Always question and answer time when people ask if my partner is coming with me. 

My questions to you are
"Is your relationship not secure enough for you to be able to take the steps as an individual to see what your truly want to experience in life? Do you not understand what year we are living in? Do you not want to truly find yourself? " 


Ok, So let's start at the beginning shall we. 

I have been to France and visited Paris & Disney, I have travelled across Cyprus and I have lived in Boston USA for 4 months. I am visiting South Africa in October .. and YES all was with out my partner, obviously this seems strange to many people. My relationship is great and I understand that my other half choses to spend his hard earned money on what he would like to, just as he understands I will spend my money on visiting new places. 

Don't get me wrong, me and rob love to take holidays, travel and experience new things together, but if he isnt too interested on a part of the world but I AM ... then I will chose to go. 


Oh your going alone?
But your in a relationship?
What does Rob think to that?
Well doesn't he mind?
Oh have you done it before?
How can you afford that?


I am lucky enough to say that Rob understands the person I am,  he understand that my adventurous side, he understand my desire to learn about the world. We trust one another and maybe thats the problem with those who feel they need to question me. No one can fill my head with doubt and no one would ever make me question my relationship or my passion to visit new destinations. I do understand that some people think that when your in a relationship you absolutely must do everything together... but do way too much of that and it is called suffocating each other and that my friend is how a relationship breaks down and how you can lose and forget about yourself. I love spending time and experiencing new things with my partner but just because he doesn't want to go somewhere then why would I not go? What would I say in 20 years?          "Oh I never did visit  ...... because Rob wasn't to keen on going?" 


(No thanks) 

Going alone gives me time to discover my self and my abilities as an individual, I love to feel that I have achieved something more than my last trip, I like to get back to reality and find myself, I like to learn about myself


... So why is that questioned? 


Check out the images to a post I posted about on an all female face book group about travel advice to one another... maybe we are the lucky ones in solid relationships!!!

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