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It all kinda begins with the full time job tbh...

June 5, 2017


I am learning how to travel whilst working the 8:30am-5:30pm        5 times a week .... I am learning how to balance the work life whilst wanting to visit so many places in the world.

I am no expert and I haven't travelled to as many countries as I would like to ... this is why I am writing today.

I honestly believe it all starts with "THE JOB". So many of us want the best out of our lives and want to make the most of every opportunity in which ever direction that might be. In my ideal world I would have a successful career, my own house and my passport book completely stamped up. 

It is all about the Job 
I think this all begins with "THE JOB", so what I mean by this is? Find a job that allows you to grow, it might not even be with in the career you would like in the future but at least growing in one job will allow you to learn and take on board transferable skills.  Try find a job that that allows you to take your holidays as and when you want to, Plan your adventure based on public holidays for example bank holidays. You will be saving your self a day's holiday by using the bank holiday in your plans..... understand what i'm getting at ? 

With a little bit of planning you can travel whilst working in a full time job.

You do need to plan ALOT and I do mean  ALOT! Personally what I do at the start of the year is look at all the public holidays .. How many days off do I have a week with my working rota? , How many days do I have off over the christmas period ect ect 

The destinations / Long weekend travels ?
I would look at a country / Island particularly small that I could travel across in a short amount of time, for example I travelled across Thailand in 16 days and Cyprus in 4 days. Don't get me wrong I didn't see everything I would have liked to see, but at least I have an insight to these beautiful places. OR chose countries that are close to one another for your long weekend travel breaks France & Spain for example! ... .. .. .  

​Planning is key, Planning is key!

It's all about working your arse off .. LITERALLY!
Im not going to lie, with out working no one would be going anywhere, so literally work your arse off. Take on an additional job if you know you need more cash... visiting that dream destination, pick up extra shifts and work over time! It's exactly what I would do/did depending on my wage.


Remember to enjoy your job!!!! 


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