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Lets talk about that jump

February 27, 2017



The scariest thing I have ever attempted and completed in my life, yet the most rewarding and exciting!! 

On the 25th February I completed my first ever bungee jump, the jump was to raise money for my up coming voluntary programme to South Africa.

The days running to my jump I was excited, the morning of my jump I was excited, when I reach the location I was excited... but when I had to climb those 143 steps my legs turned to jelly.... each step I was taking was almost a step too close to the jump! 

Harness is on, feet harness is on ( I assume the waist harness was back up because I was hanging by my feet), weights are attached to my feet and Dave ( the pro) has radioed through to the ground staff "Jumper on the edge" ... I always knew I was going to jump, I knew I would never back out, but I wasn't ready in my mind to jump!

Daves advice to me ... "On 1 ash I want you to lean forward and go, You don't want to make it any harder for yourself than it needs to be... think of it like diving in to a pool".... (ONLY I cant swim Dave, So that didn't help me.. but thanks for trying!) 

3, 2 (My eyes are closed) 1 ... I opened my eyes and I was leaning forward, free falling towards the ground .... I screamed so loud it almost felt like I told myself to stop screaming!

Talking to myself "don't faint like a looser".. You have done it, Swinging left and right, bouncing up and down ... Then with the ground staff telling me to put my hands together... So they could catch me, flip me the correct way, stand me up, unharness me and send me on my way! 

I am happy I have done a bungee jump and I think everyone should attempt to take on personal challenges because the feelings is so rewarding! 


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